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where gop wannabes before the tea party and that no new sot for soldier field staying in the way it is. wgn news @ 9 picking up those final back to school supplies chicago public school students heading back to class tomorrow morning year with animosity and uncertainty teachers and administrators blogger school day and frozen pay raises good evening. top story of around the country tonight. classis start tomorrow for chicago public schools. live at bronzeville cta stop one of the extra perks for those heading it >> yes there are 400,000
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students and the majority of them back to class tomorrow and they are getting an extra incentive from cta. excited about kindergarten, ready for his first day at elementary school out with his parents on monday evening stocking up on school supplies. students and parents and accompanying that to and from school can ride for free tomorrow on the cta trains and buses from 5:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m. in an effort to get kids on class and parents involved. looking good and ready to learn a group of students heading back to school with a fresh pair cut thanks to cains barber college in washington park. leading up
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to beat new year focus on extending the school day. approval extra 90 minutes of class time a few schools breaking from the u get. one parent we spoke to said looking forward to blogger day at all cps school is a great idea all that because my son's school and dig at 1:45 p.m. sell my work hours are in conflict. i feel kind of good about going back to school to see all of my friends now and buy new teachers and do stuff for me to learn. 90 minutes longer school day going into effect immediately at scare north and magnet elementary schools. mayor wants a logger day at all cts schools by next school year needs to be worked out with the teachers union. free rides again cta to
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borrow for students and their parents for the first day of school summer vacation is over. labor rally today against a new international trade plan negotiated here this week. speaking with protesters. the crowd was stop massive but allowed. about 300 protestors gathered at columbus drawing attention to the international trade summit just two blocks away. public demands public to affect us in illinois and in chicago. united states and eight other pacific rim nations negotiating trade agreements like to the north american trade agreement from the 1990's. the little island we lost 35,000 jobs to nafta this is going to hit us hard at home. about
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exports and creating jobs and never worked out that way we have seen millions of manufacturing jobs moved from the united states first to mexico and from mexico to china and now to this deal potentially from china to vietnam. grant park the rally moved west to the hilton hotel delegates holding more than a week of negotiations on trade labor pharmaceutical drugs. would bring drug companies passes in developments treatment for diseases out of reach for many. impoverished country's people living on a dollar a day cannot afford $20,000 a year for medication but they can be made just for $87 if one of the patents did not get out of the way. they want to make what they call a fair deal or no deal at all. making money by affording cheap labor by exporting immigrant
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labor more use of prison labor and getting tax cuts. protests expected to continue tomorrow outside of the help the chicago trade negotiations beginning and lasting through next week. >> 841 it positioned labor day parade one of the dayevents in area festival of the three day event and money for charities. president obama on the campaign trail already this time in detroit with big labor. michigan state what have they but the support has thinned the jobs around the country growing scarce. continued a consistent theme that the economy getting better but more work to do. not satisfied to get back to where we were before the recession we need to fully restore the middle-class in america. and
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america cannot have a strong and growing economy without a strong and growing middle class and without a strong labor movement. the nation awaits the president jobs plan this week expect speech this thursday joint session of congress. up next labor celebrations tribute to naperville patriotic exchange club military appreciation day on rotary hill free to active military personnel and those who served the country of great flag salute and the country military servicemen. warm a patriotic welcome home for highly decorated marine from the southwest suburbs, sgt. keith krull smiling with his wife and baby girl surprise welcome home party in burbank. seven months in afghanistan. back from camp lejeune in north carolina. i was
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extremely surprised pulling into the starting line appreciate local law enforcement participants and everything is great and it blew my mind. especially when they come home the military. 10 days and then back to the base to await the next assignment. shoppers on this holiday hitting a the mag mile greeted with wind and chilly temperatures. chicago beaches made what last day they are open. national weather service rip current warning waves ranging from 12-18 ft. high. weather service says rep currents likely to last through wednesday morning. temperatures tom skilling standing by. >> already down to 50 degrees in the suburbs all the seven other
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labor days this chile and 118 years. reaching down to break the heatwave in the southern plains frost to the upper midwest next pentad with leftovers tropical storm lee impacting the but there later this week we will tell you how and a forecast in the coming weekend coming up. stay with us. >> also what led a man to drag a kid off of the streets and into a police station demanding they make an arrest. popular restaurant up in flames overnight and later republicans vie for the tea party boat in south carolina.
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[ female announcer ] from the very first moment we arrive... we're on the move. ♪ ♪ and we don't want anything ever, to slow us down. so it's surprising that most women aren't getting enough calcium. but thankfully with over 25 great flavors like strawberry cheesecake and blackberry harvest only yoplait original gives you 50% of the daily value of calcium and vitamin d in every cup. yoplait. it is so good. not going to take it anymore a motorist hit by a brick does not wait for police to investigate. >>will crosby could have let this go but instead. the damage to his band the windshield cracked just opened the driver's side van glad it off no telling
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what may have happened. driving about 60 mi. per hour hettick west 12 year old boy threw a brick off of the bridge. if i had to react differently other people could have been very ugly. quickly got off at backtrack to the bridge confronted the boy who was walking with younger sister. i said which one of you through the brick? his sister said am i in trouble? big trouble if you did not tell the truth. she said, he did it! the boy gave an attitude swore at him and was disrespectful tried to punch me. for kids myself and that is unacceptable. it totally unacceptable crosby law to the boy into the area for police
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department and brought the quarter and officer took over. trying to get across to the bill die, there are repercussions for everything you do. and there are in this case the 12 year-old charged with misdemeanor criminal damage to property. felony endangerment a vehicle. crosby as would like to be compensated to the damage to his van the kid could work it off needs his house painted. strange indiana police are pressed and and wandering in highway traffic with a samurai sword. finally caught him he told that he was cuckoo for co coa puffs twirling a set price soared like a drum major swung it at them before dropping it on their orders charged with trying to steal a motor vehicle law enforcement and marijuana possession. gave his time as a
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basketball coach to help special education students in that neighborhood today his family is grieving. michael jones gone down this evening gresham neighborhood sitting in his car 23 year old shot in the head. the shooter sitting next to him in a car they did not want the volunteer basketball coach and teacher's aide to be another statistic. >> my brother a living example how to be a gun at man and a working man in society and its role model to reach back he died reaching back. family believes robbery was the motive for his murder. gas leak sparked the explosion at south side restaurant just before midnight at 102nd and western part of the wall on the second floor collapsed a fire ripped through the building and no injuries. coming up notable absence tonight's gop debate and how that changed the conversation
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between five people who want to be president and a breeze that behind this wild fires burning destroy it more than 400 texas homes where the flames are heading out and less than a week from the 10th anniversary of 9- 11 new additions to union station security. ♪ ♪ whoa! do you know what our favorite part of shooting hoops is? 3...2...1... overtime! ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ weekday rhythm, brand new day ♪ ♪ start your morning a whole new way! ♪ ♪ pillsbury grands! biscuits ♪ ♪ filled with breakfast ingredients ♪ ♪ ready in minutes! ♪ ♪ you gotta taste...mmmm a brand new morning ♪ [ female announcer ] new pillsbury grands! biscuit sandwiches. ♪
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starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope just having some tender chicken and some tasty noodles. let's see...south western vegetables...60 calories. ya' know those jeans look nice. they do? yup. so you were checking me out? yup. [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. [ male announcer ] somewhere, there's a perfectly good lasagna being sent to the back of a freezer. and it's all because someone said "tacos." old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. wgn news @ 9 republican presidential hopefuls on stage south carolina today most of them one of the frontrunners noticeably absent chicago tribune political reporter rick pearson called the
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freedom forum. five gop presidential hopefuls travel to south carolina today to explain their conservative credentials early primary state t party supporters hold strength. suppose to be launching pad for texas gov. rick perry already the early front-runner cancelled due to a wild fire swirling and all state allowing mitt romney a chance to defend health care plan for massachusetts against that of president obama in the nation. he dealt with by potter percent american people changing health care for all of you simply unconstitutional bad lot bad medicine. michele bachmann of minnesota, this was meant the most to lose from gov. rick perry entrance in the race took a shot at mitt romney said and unconstitutional as obama health care plan and cancer. >> i believe all of what medicare so bad into every part
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of american life never get rid of this again and this is the foundation for socialized medicine make no mistake. >> the forum also featured in newt gingrich ron paul herman caine touching on far-reaching social and its logical ideas ecological and a recent illinois court decision dropping religious providers of the state adoption program refused to place children in homes of same- sex couples brought up. federal government should not subsidize any situation discriminatory against any legitimate religion in this country. forum reflected the power of the chief organizer tea party favorite when he makes endorsement south carolina republicans expected to follow when they vote in february. >> tonight with like to hear
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from you will the tea party be an asset for republicans in 2012? text yes or no to 97999 or vote online results after the seven day forecast. texas gov. rick perry stepped republican roundtable to race back to his state to people are dead as 60 wildfires rage across texas the worst 30 mi. east of austin 5000 people ordered to evacuate tens of thousands of acres blazing flames fed by hot dry wind gov. rick perry flew over the scene today. surreal experience today. not all the flying by substantial have seen a number of big fires in my life. as big this one as it mean
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that looking as i have ever seen. tonight fire officials say the fire nowhere near being under control. tropical depressions lee hammering southern states in the gulf coast flooding but lee doing more damage than just dumping rain at tornado watches in fact alabama officials believe a tornado already touched down. moving east good news for southeastern states and not so much for the east coast still cleaning up after hurricane irene. national security 10 years after september 11th attacks how protecting the rails in chicago and how bad are things with the postal service? may have to shut down and why the flu shot this year may be easier to stomach.
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security is high this labor day weekend 10th anniversary 9-11 terrorist attacks takes us to the rail security union station >> anniversary approaches security tools detection dogs the ability to pick up the scent of explosives that passed through area up to 10 minutes prior and follow the scent to the source by sniffing the plan of air wafted off of passengers and today what they are carrying. dogs give them the power to detect a suicide bomber in the middle of the crowd. amtrak has to detection teams in union station along with conventional bombs debt and canine teams. security is tightened here and at other stations in united states because of the intelligence gathered in the raid to kill osama bin laden in may. already deployed at o'hare airport.
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haren a special report friday night called ground zero chicago remembers early look at the memorial opens this weekend in new york special also includes stories of chicagoans who survived the attack right here on wgn. an emergency funding postal service may literally have to shut down postal service $9 billion deficit new york times reports agency not enough money to pay bills and the five and half billion dollar payment due this month. cost cutting measures include eliminating saturday deliveries up to closing post offices and laying off up to 100,000 workers. coming out a week of seventies to temperatures ahead of the forecast is next and take a ride into the past flashback
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courtesy of millennium park.
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you a check it beautiful pictures millennium park captured that what a great shot. city skyline. waves crashing a lot the aquarium of law at the lakefront registering 8 ft. waves in the gusty wind of those waves and wind a big part of weather this week as we interact between high pressure and remnants of lee tropical storm clouds producing good gusty showers last night a couple of lighter showers today and not
9:31 pm
much going on what a beautiful sunset almost orange along the tops of clouds. orange glow on the top of mountain ranges when the sun sets. ted knight getting chilly feeling very autumnal. 51 degrees at woodstock. frost this morning. by international falls about 2.5 weeks early. 28 degree temperatures parts of minnesota. what is left of lee produce tornadoes a gusty wind and heavy rains also at the wind down the lake. some of the low temperatures upper midwest. down to 32 degrees 39 this morning and look how the nineties were swept out of texas. 85 degrees at dallas today. he batted the
9:32 pm
under 25%. the breach of the cool air mass. frost advisories in northern wisconsin in the area which temperatures have dropped. autumn starting to make itself felt north wind blowing got back up again tomorrow subsequent days all week the dew point is only 45 degrees with the constant at various weather but sites 30-40 mi. per hour or wind gusts. it is 61 degrees at 63 degrees at midway. equally cool and some northwest suburbs.
9:33 pm
included in northwest indiana down to 52 degrees. 50 degrees at harvard matter of fact down there at the low temperatures this morning low temperatures in the '40's. dallas tx today 86 degrees. a city with three and a half months of hundred degree temperatures. rain it to the east and lots of that in tennessee. rains from lee moved and look ast these rock and roll type pictures and indiana on the gulf coast rain falling heavily. this developing a lifted slowly correct and coming curbing up the east coast producing riptides and big waves. lee left northward into the area clouding us over later
9:34 pm
this week and threw out that tomorrow the western edge of the appalachian mountains. look how the yellows go to read increasing wind on wednesday from 20-30 mi. per hour. going to get windy and clouds, get later on thursday and friday and saturday with showers in the area at that time. no point are we going to turn above 80 degrees. perhaps monday quite a change cool and breezy tonight actually a lot of the lake. temperature inversion lake of fax sprinkles chances are fading low 45 degrees. tomorrow wind mixing down to the surface again with the cool temperatures 10 degrees below normal mostly
9:35 pm
sunny skies high temperature of 69 degrees tomorrow about 10 degrees below normal. lower temperature 51 degrees and '40's in lead mostly sunny with wind again on wednesday high temperature 73 degrees. southeast on the thursday-friday explain that. another system in the atlantic coming back to. still to come a surfer killed by a shark off of the coast of australia and friends look on and later a new look telethon a major haul. hey guys what can i get for you? i would like a decaf 360 calories please and a piece of the 440 calories. and for you? i'll have a triple iced 410 calories please.
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♪ ♪ because they're the only cereals with box tops for education. last year, schools earned over ten million dollars from big g cereals. you can raise money for your kids' school. look for this logo... only on big g cereals. you can make a difference. every cereal box counts. tonight's medical watch expression depending on where you are from may misinterpret the mood take a look at these images used in a study institute of neuroscience and psychology on the top rope emotions as seen by western caucasian and on the bottom agent the facial expressions or anchor and happiness, patient relied on eyebrows more than the about the deep differences a clear example of how cultural distinctions
9:39 pm
lead to misinterpreted signals about emotions during cross- cultural communication. they have easier time looking at the needle for the flu shot smaller for adults back scenes are arriving in doctor's offices health experts say talk to protect yourself from influenza. last year dominant flu strain it still the same but no guarantee last year's shot still offering protection. shorter than her needles available for those 18- 64 years old swine flu makes a comeback striking close to home child indiana another from pennsylvania testing positive for a new strain of swine flu no indication so far the virus has spread to others people rarely get the flu from pigs only 21 cases reported last five years boy recovered traditional anti- viral medication not work
9:40 pm
against the new strain. brutal shark attack down under west australia community shocked by death of young surfer after a shark bit the legs off and friends tried to help not think they can do beaches in the area of this the closed. remains of the surfboard made into a simple shrine. saw the body floating in the water. too much to comprehend. 21 year-old victim circuit with friends attacked by a great white shark lower body injuries so severe nothing could be done. the bay is known as shark alley but no attacks in 20 years at coming up love and soul at soul train tribute to don cornelius getting a groove on
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folks boarding the soul train millennium park today. august running nationally syndicated television show history also homage to don cornelius host of soul train until 1993 the man who brought soul music to television viewers. getting my groove on. labor day telethon bringing in 2 million more dollars than last year. muscular dystrophy association raising $61 billion last night deen richards and dina blair part of the local effort. the worst donated $1.8 million telethon cut from 21 hours all but six hours last night long time chairman jerry list retired from
9:45 pm
post remembered for dedication to the nba. chicago tradition today marking the way across the city north side funny and and you heard of woogms 48th annual labor day parade the acronym for wellington oakdale old glory marching society unique aspect everybody marches nobody watches. tom skilling have you ever watched? >> i have not. we have all done about every parade normally here are locked in the weather center. i will have to work on that try to get into that next year. what a great day cool and windy. people would have gone but a couple of extra degrees. chill here to stay. like october today 10 degrees below normal,
9:46 pm
65 degrees today in northeast wind blowing all week a change from 93 degrees on friday and 89 degrees on saturday to 65 degrees today the coolest labor day in years. remnants of lee coming at us from the southeast. sweeping over the area on thursday at picking up residence into friday and saturday with showers and the cool air pulled down over the eastern united states 74 degrees in dallas we continue marbling oklahoma city those folks have boiled it today is such a the warmer in the fairbanks tonight that chicago. staying that way the like 42 degrees at woodstock. readings tomorrow into the upper 60s and back into the 40's and led raging to 60 at the lake wind coming off of the war lake water subsidies by wednesday. flood watches green areas up and down
9:47 pm
the appalachian chain at frost warnings in the upper midwest tonight. lighter showers later this week rainfall amazing amounts come again the doppler plot of rainfall. some of the totals but 15.5 in. in louisiana. prolific rain producers and it tornado producers as well and damaging tornado spurted forecast tomorrow. 76 degrees friday clouds increasing later this week into the weekend. maybe a day of 80 degrees. there is an autumn frost to that forecast moving deeper into september. football
9:48 pm
weather absolutely. data to sod or not to sod answer at soldier field no new sod rescheduled yester day week before the opener but after saturday chicago football classic five bears organization members explored the conditions decided against resodding. labor advocates target free-trade this labor day while others position behind the grill for holiday cookouts free back-to-school hair cuts low income students chicago tribune photos of the night. 300 protesters gathered at columbus drawing attention to international trade summit two blocks away. labor day holiday
9:49 pm
is not just a date to barbeque it is a day to fight. seventh or eighth year holding annual back- to-school hair cuts. a volunteer barber's as well as hairstylist spurted young people cutting their hair. more photos and chi training camp less than two weeks away how the injured wrist dealing sports is
9:50 pm
next. [ female announcer ] from the very first moment we arrive... we're on the move. ♪ ♪ and we don't want anything ever, to slow us down. so it's surprising that most women aren't getting enough calcium. but thankfully with over 25 great flavors like strawberry cheesecake and blackberry harvest only yoplait original gives you 50% of the daily value of calcium and vitamin d in every cup. yoplait. it is so good. ♪ ( grunting )
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briggs juan pierre base hit 1-0
9:54 pm
up middle zach stewart in 8th flirting with history in eigth danny valencia line into right
9:55 pm
down could not get game 1 phil humber, final two-one for the sox socks now 8 games back. blackhawks at wrigley field and the honor patrick kane first pitch cubs taking care of business against cincinnati reds aramis ramirez a base hit to score one run and that reed johnson rounded third base tries to score makes a slide but misses the plate. umpire says nothing the breads are not aware heads up play gets to the plate and the umpire says safe,
9:56 pm
or-3 and speaking of patrick kane said today getting off injuring left wrist taking the splint off in * court start of training camp. peyton manning doubtful for colts opener and rex grossman saints and novak jokovich advances. final run dutch bank classic approach on the 12th hole past the green luke donald maude up in third place. playoff between webb simpson chez reavy chez webb simpson takes home the title. next fed ex series in 2 weeks. movie major league pablo sandoval talking to bat during game hit 2 homeruns against padres pep talk worked
9:57 pm
caracter major league remember working in both these works and real life. the bat listens. >> read this script practically read this script prickly there you go that is the news for monday night happy labor day. updates have a good night. @ [ man ] did we get anything good? sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. fiber makes me sad. oh common. i dare you to taste one hint of fiber in fiber one. oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag? and how can you talk to me about fiber when you are eating a candybar. you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition.
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